Some time ago, I read on air an article from a New York publication where the author attacked the "Fly Over Country" as a bunch of uneducated rubes who get everything they deserve for living out here.

I wonder what's he thinks of living out here now.

We've been missing the worst of coronavirus because we already practice social distancing. In fact, it's a way of life out here. We rather like it. Meanwhile, NYC, which can hold a couple hundred thousand people in two city blocks, is still on lock down.

As for jobs and food, we take care of those in need. Most of us grow and raise our own. Neighbors help neighbors in our part of the country with what extra there is to hand out. We have some problems but we are managing just fine.

Murder Hornets? They can't survive out here. Killer bees have made a bit of a comeback, but again, they don't survive so well out here so we are not worried.

NYC is also on lock down as rioters burn and loot. Meanwhile, most of the towns in this part of the country are so small there are not enough people to form a riot.

NYC will probably call out the national guard. Wyoming citizens can defend their own property just fine.

Besides, the rare protesters we have out this way are rather peaceful. They just say what they have to say and go home.

I wonder, as the author of that previous article huddles in his little over-priced NYC apartment, face mask on, can of disinfectant at the ready, food running low, streets burning below, does he still think we are the stupid ones?

There are a few good reasons to live in Fly-Over Country.

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