In August of 2017, Luke Bryan released an episode of 'Luke Bryan Television' (AKA LBTV), the subject of that episode was Trout fishing with his sons, nephew and dad. This weekend I had a chance to watch Luke's new Docuseries with IMDbTV Called 'Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary' and they used some of that same footage on the final episode of season 1. This series highlights the struggle to make it in the music industry, loss in his life and finally the success of his career and life.

This multi episode series can be fully watched in a few lazy hours. When you watch, you'll respect the life Luke has lived, his career and importance of family. There is no doubt that he has worked his tail off to get to where he is.

Luke has put in lot's of hard work and it's given him many opportunities to fly all over the world, hunting, fishing and loving everyday! Not only is he a big part of "Buck Commander" with Willie Robertson, Jason Aldean, Tyler Farr, Adam LaRoche and others, he loves to fish. If you follow Luke on social media you'll see him Bass fishing at his lake or wearing waders and rowing a boat on the North Platte River catching trout with his boys.

In the final episode, Luke is recapping the tough times his family has had, while fishing Grey Reef. They're paddling around pulling fish out of the river with friendly "family" competition involved. They boys (who have grown a lot in 3 years) are at one point taking a dip in the cold waters of the North Platte River.

The first video is the LBTV episode from 2017 and the bottom video is the trailer to the IMDbTV series. Do yourself a favor and spend some time checking the series out. If you're a fan, you'll love him more. If you're not a fan, you'll gain respect for Luke and the struggles he had.

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