Down below you will see photos of home town rodeo, true western style.

Can't say we should not be impressed with Frontier Day's, the Super Bowl of Rodeos. But if you want to see the real deal, without all the glamor and glitz, then you want to go back to where it all began.

Hulett, Wyoming is a perfect example of small town rodeo and small town pride.

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Everyone stands and hats are removed, hands-on hearts, as the American flag is rode in. Then comes a ridder pulling a horse behind him with an empty saddle and a hat hanging from the horn. That was somebody the town recently lost. A local voice sings the national anthem and there is a word of prayer. These things are taken seriously out here.

As I sat in the stands of the tiny arena I could hear folks around me asking things like "is that Franklin's boy out there?" Everybody knows everybody.

For all the excitement of the show, there is always a group of men hanging out at the beer wagon, laughing and chugging them down.

The animals kicked high, the cowboys fell hard. Clouds of dust rolled into the stands.

Welcome to the real West. Hulett, Wyoming.

Hulett, Wyoming's True Western Rodeo 2021

No glitz. No glamor. Just an authentic small town rodeo

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