Have you heard of Human Clock?

Careful, if you watch it you'll get addicted.

It's a unique way to find out what time it is, with people taking photos to be part of the clock.

But it's missing one thing. MORE WYOMING!

The Human Clock is missing a very important place on the planet. Wyoming

The Human Clock needs your help.

Here is the Human Clock website showing the time as 4:12 with a photo from Pittsburg.

attachment-Human Clock 1

Human Clock may be the most interesting way to tell the time in the world.

The clock is free and you can leave it running on your computer without having to download anything.

The Human Clock website has been running, worldwide, for a little over a decade.

They ask everyone from around the world to submit pictures of them showing the time in any unique way they can think to show the time.

The Human Clock is a website widget that will sit in the corner of your computer screen and tick away the minutes.

Human clock shows time with a photo from someone in Davenport.

attachment-Human Clock 2


Each minute that passes consists of a picture of someone from somewhere on the planet showing you the time.

The only problem is, there are only a couple of submissions from Wyoming.

The top two state for submissions are Oregon and California, according to the website, which keeps meticulous records.

Considering how beautiful this state is you might imagine that there would be photo submissions from all over our state.

That means we better get to work.

Human Clock shows time with a photo from Glebe Australia. 

attachment-Human Clock 3


Please find a unique way to show the time and submit it to the Human Clock.

It is free to you and takes just moments to send a pic.

You can even do it from your phone.

We need more Wyoming representation.

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