If you live where is snows then you have had to rock your car to get it unstuck.

But what do you do when what needs to be rocked is as big as a school bus?

This bus has chains on the tires, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

The driver is rocking the buss back and forth, but more help is needed.

In the video below you can see all of the kids on the buss rocking with the driver's motions to try and get the vehicle unstuck.

YOU KNOW the kids will be talking about this for week.

They will probably be remembering this moment the rest of their lives.

They could have all gotten out and helped push. That would have worked.

But what's the fun in that?

Lucky somebody was nearby with a phone so they could record this moment for TikTok. Now the kids have all the proof they need to show that this event actually happened.

I wonder, why did the kids rock with the bus? Because it was fun? But that means the bus bets unstuck and they have to go to school. OBVIOUSLY they were NOT thinking ahead.

Can you imagine being on the bus when the driver calls out for everybody to rock? Can you hear the calls going out as everyone worked together?

Most of you reading this have not been to school in a long time. I bet things like this make you miss school just a little bit.

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