Everyone in Wyoming had plenty of warning that cold weather and a good amount of snow had been sent from Canada.


Not a problem for the folks in Wyoming. They just know they won't be able to use Interstate 80 for a couple of days.

That's what always happens when it snows.

The shocker came when the snow even passed through the state and I-80 never closed down.

Everybody was sure it was just a mistake.

WYDOT must have closed it but just forgot to post it. SURE that must be it.

Nobody ventured out to see. Everyone in Wyoming was convinced that the highway was closed.

So, we called WYDOT to ask.

Turns out it was true. They never closed I-80. Not even for a moment.

"DID YOU JUST FORGET TO?" We asked, assuming it was just a big mistake.

"No," said a spokesperson for WYDOT. "It just never got bad enough to justify closing that stretch of road."

"That's the first time in all my years I have ever seen such a thing," said Fred Frinklemick of Rawlins Wyoming. "Not sure what to make of it. Maybe this is part of that "climate change" thing everybody's been yammering on about."

Denver Post via Getty Images
Denver Post via Getty Images

Perhaps the next time there is a snowstorm and WYDOT does not close I-80 they should issue a statement that they have left the highway open and include "NOT KIDDING" at the end of their message.

We contacted Canada to ask them what went wrong.

They were shocked to find out that they had missed the interstate and it had remained open.

"We will look into the problem and resolve it," said Canada. "Sorry."

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