It's like we always say: If You Give A Moose a Muffin...

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That's a lesson that that Wyoming Highway Patrolman Clifford Shrock and his wife, Kay, learned last week when they discovered a Moose casually munching on their tree leaves, right next to the trooper's patrol car.

"My wife was actually the one who filmed it," Clifford said. "I was still sleeping, because I work nights."

Typically, it's at night when the most exciting things happen but this even occurred in the early morning hours. Luckily, Kay was there with her iPhone ready, capturing not only the munching Moose but his (or her) entire family as well.

"I was sitting in my recliner, drinking my morning coffee when I saw movement outside," Kay told K2 Radio News. "I looked out the window beside my chair, and there was a moose! Excited, I put my phone up to the screen and recorded a few moments before waking my daughter so she could see him too. This is the second morning I've had moose in my yard this summer. It's always exciting and a bit intimidating."

And it's intimidating for good reason!

A popular animal website stated that while moose are not typically dangerous, they can become aggressive given the right circumstances.

"Moose are usually not dangerous, although they can become aggressive if they are harassed by humans, domesticated pets, or traffic," the website stated. "They can also become temperamental when hungry or tired, especially during the winter when they must travel through deep snow."

Which is why it's always important to have a muffin.

But if you give a moose a muffin, he'll want jam to go with it. So you'll bring out some of your mother's homemade blackberry jam. When he's finished eating the muffin, he'll want another.

And another.

And so on.

So! Best to just let the moose eat your leaves.

In this particular instance, Mr. Moosenstein (which is what we've named him), chowed down while towering over Clifford's patrol car.

Clifford has been a Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper since 2019. At first, he wasn't sure if the academy would even accept him, given the fact that he had asthma. But they did and the rest, as they say, is history.

"I love this job," Clifford said. "I love my team. We're more like a family than anything. This is the greatest group of people I could have ever worked with."

While Clifford protects drivers on the highways and byways of Wyoming, Kay is a self-professed 'Ranch Mom,' who also doubles as a blogger/influencer.

Needless to say, their latest video has made for some stunning content.

Video from the moment can be seen below:

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