I had to begin the interview by apologizing for thinking that he died 10 years ago.

Rich Little, comic, actor, impersonator, is alive and well it turns out, and he was good enough to join me on the Wake Up Wyoming morning show.

I actually never knew that he did voices on movies and television shows for actors that had either died, quit, or were fired. That means you might have been watching a movie thinking that you were hearing the voice of one of your favorite actors, but you were actually looking at the back of a stand-in and hearing Rich Little's voice. Crazy, huh?

In the interview above, you'll enjoy hearing this gracious legend put up with me as we chatted.

There are a few of you young enough to not know who he is. There are some of you who remember him but have not seen him preform in a while. He used to be on television all the time. For both of you, I have included in this post a few videos showing the best of Rich Little over the years.

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