Wyoming Public Media recently wrote an article lamenting how far Wyoming lags behind the rest of the nation in installing charging stations for electric vehicles.

Wyoming, the ninth largest state land-wise, only has 95 charging stations. For comparison, neighboring Colorado has over 2,000 stations. It’s nearly impossible to travel a lot of Wyoming roadways by EV. The state is hesitant to build out the infrastructure, but private companies see this as an opportunity. (WPM).

Wyoming has paused trying to convince business owners to install charging stations with federal subsidies.

Below is a map of all current EV charging stations located in Wyoming.

You can see a nationwide, interactive map at this link. 

attachment-Wyoming EV charging stations map

This spring, Wyoming put a pause on federal funding for EV charging stations. It was about $26 million the state could’ve dolled out over five years to private businesses. But, Jordan Young, deputy public affairs officer with Wyoming’s Department of Transportation, said there are a few concerns – like what if a business went under before that five years? How would the state not bear that responsibility? (WPM).

Yet there are gas stations all over the state, that did not need federal dollars to build. The free market took care of that.

While we are looking at maps, below is a map showing the location of Wyoming coal and natural gas power plants. These provide power to the new electric vehicles, busting the myth of them being "zero emissions."

You can find and use the interactive map at this link.

attachment-Locations of Wyoming coal plants map

If you compare the two maps you'll see that some EV charging stations are within sight of the coal and gas power plants that provide electricity to the charging unit for their cars.

Do you ever wonder if they feel the pain of that irony?

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