Squirrels aren't known to be the smartest animals on the earth. We've seen that time and time again when they try to taunt large dogs, cats, and run out in front of cars.

This one squirrel in Colorado though... This one is lacking an acorn or two.

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Gerry Morrell, a photographer from Erie, Colorado captured one of the most absolutely daring moments of one squirrel's life for everyone to see. The photos were taken in eastern Boulder County near Boulder Creek.

Credit: Gerry Morrell
Credit: Gerry Morrell

The photos show a juvenile bald eagle perched on a branch and the brave squirrel going in to check out the majestic bird. "My wife and I were sitting in our car while I was photographing the Eagle. Janet saw the Squirrel and told me that it was heading up the tree. We watched it move closer to the Eagle and couldn't believe how close it got!" Morrell said.

Surely the squirrel has to be oblivious to the fact that he could easily be the next snack for this bald eagle. It had to. Or maybe, it didn't. Either way, Morrell was able to capture the stunning and once-in-a-lifetime photographs for all of the world to see.

Morrell is no stranger to capturing captivating photos of bald eagles. In July, Morrell photographed an epic mid air battle between a bald eagle and a hawk. Check out those photos HERE.

Source: Gerry Morrell Facebook

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