In case you missed it, summer officially began this past weekend. Of course, prior to the recent cool temperatures we are experiencing, the warmer temperatures were suitable for summer road trips throughout the state. But is Wyoming a top state for summer roads trips?

Not exactly but also, maybe. WalletHub recently researched what the top states in the country are for summer road trips and this is the year that everyone wants to take a road trip, especially after what we had to deal with last year, and the fact that so many throughout the country couldn't travel anywhere. In terms of the top states for summer road trips, Wyoming finished 22nd on the list overall. Nothing to brag about, but also, not necessarily lagging behind.

Determining factors that were researched for the list were things such as number of attractions in the state, road conditions throughout the state, and traveling costs in the state. One outlying category that Wyoming excelled in was the 'lowest price for camping' as our state finished 3rd in the nation in that particular category.

New York, Texas, and Louisiana finished in the top three on the list while Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island finished in the bottom three. Apparently aside from New York, no one wants to head towards the northeast for the summer.

While these determining factors certainly hold merit, there's also a few other factors that may not have been considered. You may have seen that a little over a month ago, I wrote about several 'Reasons Why Cheyenne Could Be a Top Summer Destination'. And it certainly can given the scenery, relative low costs, attractions (did someone say Cheyenne Frontier Days), and the reasonable weather. While locally, we all know how awesome Cheyenne is with this. The factors could also be applicable in plenty of other spots throughout out the state of Wyoming.

So is the research worth looking at, of course, but at the same time, we're well aware of just how nice a summer road trip in Wyoming can be. Enjoy the summer while its here, Wyoming!

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