The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Wyoming will host a TeleTown Hall at 3 p.m. on April 18 during which Wyoming State Revenue Department Director Brenda Henson will discuss changes to the Wyoming State Property Tax Refund Program. Henson will also walk listeners through the eligibility changes and application process for the program during the call.


AARP Wyoming will start calling out to members around 2:45 p.m. on April 18. If you do not receive a call and wish to take part in the TeleTown Hall, you can call 1-855-274-1448 or visit AARP Wyoming’s Facebook page and listen to the live stream at:


During the 2023 Legislative Session, the Wyoming Legislature voted to allow those whose household income does not exceed 125% of their county or the statewide median income to apply a refund of up to 75%, with some limitations, of their 2022 Property Tax Bill.


According to Department of Revenue Director Brenda Henson, the application for property tax refunds went live on April 1 and can be procured by calling The State Revenue Department office at 307-777-7320, going online to, or from your local county treasurer's office. The application deadline for tax year 2022 refunds is June 5.


The Property Tax Refund program requires taxpayers to complete an application certifying they  own their home; have been a Wyoming resident for the past five years; provide proof that 2022 property taxes have been paid in full; they had household income in 2022 equal to or less than 125% of the median household income for the county in which you reside or the statewide median income, whichever is greater.


Other requirements include personal assets not exceeding $150,000 per adult household member. In other words, if you own other real estate, bank accounts, and investments, they cannot have value in excess of $150,000 per adult household member. However, you may exclude the value of your home, a car for each adult household member, and any retirement accounts (IRA’s, 401K plans, cash value of life insurance policies, Medical Savings, etc.). If your total property tax bill exceeds more than 10% of your total household income, then this asset limit would not apply.


County number           County Name              125% of Median Income

05                               Albany                         *$86,400

09                                Big Horn                      *$86,400

17                                Campbell                     $114,125

06                                Carbon                        *$86,400

13                                Converse                    $94,613

18                                Crook                          *$86,400

10                                Fremont                      *$86,400

07                                Goshen                       *$86,400

15                                Hot Springs                 *$86,400

16                                Johnson                      *$86,400

02                                Laramie                       *$86,400

12                                Lincoln                        $95,163

01                                Natrona                       *$86,400

14                                Niobrara                      *$86,400

11                                Park                             *$86,400

08                                Platte                           *$86,400

03                                Sheridan                     *$86,400

23                                Sublette                       $101,988

04                                Sweetwater                 $96,888

22                                Teton                           $128,900

19                                Uinta                            $92,788

20                                Washakie                    *$86,400

21                                Weston                        *$86,400




* This is 125% of the 2022 Statewide

Median Household Income: $86,400

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