The Casper City Council on Tuesday approved a request for a transfer of ownership of a liquor license at the Yellowstone Garage,

The current holder of Liquor License No. 37 is Charger Holdings, LLC, doing business as Charger Holding LLC, 355 W. Yellowstone Highway, transferred it to Bull Horn Brewing, LLC, at the same address.

Holden Kai is the new owner and is taking over from John Huff's Charger Holdings at the Old Yellowstone Garage.

Bull Horn Brewing is moving from its current location at 2027 E. Yellowstone Highway, and plans to open on May 27 with the Memorial Day Car Show at the Old Yellowstone Garage, according to its Facebook page.

The Council also set the May 16 meeting date for public hearings for three liquor license actions.

Gruner Brothers Brewing, 1301 Wilkins Circle, is seeking a new winery liquor license.

Transfer of ownership for Retail Liquor License No. 1 from Tin Shack, LLC, doing business as Poplar Wines & Spirits, 1016 S. Poplar St., to 1016 Poplar, LLC, doing business as Poplar Wines & Spirits at 1016 Poplar, LLC.

New Restaurant Liquor Licenses No. 51 for Movie Palace Inc., doing business as Studio City Stadium 10 Cinemas, 5020 E. Second St.

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