Casper families did not hold back their feelings on a local Facebook group after an Evansville daycare facility allegedly "lost" a two-year-old child last Tuesday.

Commentors say the toddler was found outside the building on the street and brought back by a passerby.

In a statement issued to families after the alleged incident last week, Kids Kampus said they couldn't discuss what they are referring to as an "incident" that has left many parents concerned for their childrens' safety.


The mother of the two-year-old found outside the daycare facility was employed with Kids Kampus at the time. She was not there when the incident occured because she was picking up her other children from school.

She said she found out what had happened from coworkers.

"I could've gone home without a child," she told K2 Radio News.

After learning what had happened, she collected her things and quit, never to return.

"I hope nothing like that ever happens to anyone" she said, adding that she is disappointed that leadership at the daycare tried to downplay what happened and did not take the matter seriously.

The Department of Family Services is currently investigating the incident and the Evansville Police Department has been made aware as well.

Alejandra Rogi, a parent whose children previously attended Kids Kampus, went to the Evansville Town Hall on February 27 to share her concerns about the daycare's license being renewed with council.

She added that after the alleged incident involving the toddler occurred, Kids Kampus Director Megan Jones issued the following text message to employees:

Courtesy Alejandra Rogi

The executive director of Casper Housing Authority, Kim Summerrall-Wright, addressed council next and said the incident was not as bad as it seemed.

Kids Kampus is a Casper Authority CARES project providing affordable child care in Natrona County.

Mayor Candace Machado asked how many violations the daycare had in 2023.

Summerall-Wright was unable to provide the information, but the Evansville Chief of Police supplied that they had 13 violations last year, one that was a safety issue.

Current investigations and unsubstantiated violations are not made public by the DFS.

The mayor expressed that she is very concerned and asked Summerrall-Wright, "how does that happen at your facility?"

Machado reiterated that the incident is very concerning and serious.

"I need to have understanding on how something like that happens on your staff's watch" ~ Machado.

Evansville's town attorney Scott Murray explained that even though the town code handles business licensing, they are not obligated to be the "enforcing mechanism" concerning daycare facilities; "That's what the state agencies are for."

The council ultimately decided to let DFS handle the situation.

You can view the meeting here.

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