One word to those who think or want to drive around emergency vehicles blocking a street:


The weather and traffic are horrible enough on days like this, and interfering by running a roadblock just makes it worse at a crash or fire scene with police, fire, ambulances, tow trucks and utility companies.

"In these instances, first responders are focused on the task at hand, and are not looking out for moving vehicles inside what should be a secured scene," the Casper Police Department said in a news release on Thursday.

You put people in immediate danger of being hit, injured or even killed when you disregard road closures and drive around emergency vehicles .

"Additionally, disobeying a road closure is against the law. At the very least, you could get a ticket," police said.

So if you see flashing lights and think emergency responders have closed the road, find an another way around the road closure.

"We know this may be inconvenient and take you a couple extra minutes to get where you're going, but the alternative could be deadly. Protect our first responders, don't run roadblocks."

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