The Natrona County Coroner's Office accredited by International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners (IACME).

The Natrona County Coroner’s Office self-submitted to this process for the purpose of ensuring the
operating policies, procedures, and practices are within international guidelines.

The Natrona County Coroner’s Office was subjected to review of 288 standards including
administrative, forensic, investigative, and facility review.

The IACME requires 100% compliance of mandatory standards and 90% of all applicable standards.

“When an agency elects to subject themselves to this process, it clearly indicates their desire to stand to peer review and demonstrate to the public and stakeholders a strong desire to provide excellence in service provision.”

The completion of this process, which is for five years, indicates professionalism and compassion by
the Natrona County Coroner’s Office.

The IACME congratulates the Natrona County Coroner’s Office and Coroner Whipps for their
diligence in complying with these standards, leading the way in service and compassion for those they
serve and their community.

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