Midwest School has operated on an alternative calendar -- four days a week -- for six years.

But that requires a couple of bureaucratic refinements every two years because Midwest's calendar operates a schedule of fewer than 175 school days and/or fewer that 185 teacher contract days in a school year -- a different system from other schools.

Last April, the Natrona County School District's board of trustees heard Midwest's alternative calendar, which was then approved by the Wyoming Board of Education.

Midwest -- with grades kindergarten through 12 -- has refined that alternative calendar, and the board approved that at its meeting on Monday.

The refinement for Midwest's calendar changed the start and end dates for the 2023-2024 school year to conform with the school district's calendar.

Classes will begin on Aug. 28 and end on May 31.

The refined calendar doesn't alter the number of days and hours for instruction.

Overall, the calendar shows classes for four days a week with a "focus Friday" once a month for meetings with students who need help.

The four-days-a-week schedule has been a success, with former principal Chris Tobin saying last year that it gives students an incentive to complete their work and better opportunities to participate in sports.

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