At yesterday's Natrona County School Board meeting the Board of Trustees ayed a dairy bid from Prairie Farms at $372,916.80 for the total estimated cost of dairy products in the upcoming school year.

The only other dairy bid came from Meadow Gold, which was about $120,000 highger than Prairie Farms'.

The board awarded Grand Mere Restaurant Group the pizza bid at $9.50 per pizza, the other bidder was Papa John's at $9.99 per pizza.

Bank of America's bid was chosen as the tax exempt five year bus financing to purchase two 2024 Blue Bird Vision gasoline buses and four 2024 Ford Expedition buses Max Fleet XL multipurpose vehicles. Other higher bidders included Hilltop, First Federal Bank & Trust, First Interstate Bank, and Baystone Govt Finance.

Trustees awarded Foreverlawn Central Wyoming the contract for Bar Nunn playground's artificial turf and installation.

Lowe Roofing of Wyoming LLC was the lowest responsible bidder to repair the Student Support Services roof at $129,950. The other bidder was Limmer Roofing Inc.

Finally, the board approved Kone Inc.'s bid of $66,900 for the NCSD elevator service and contract from June 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.

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