Natrona County Emergency Management wants to hear from area residents about the severity and impact of the flooding on their properties during the past day, according to a press release from the Natrona County Sheriff's Office.

"In order to gauge the impact and devastation of flooding for property owners, we need our communities’ assistance in reporting this information," the press release says.

Natrona County Emergency Management will use the information to determine whether the State of Wyoming may seek emergency actions or requests.

Property owners who experienced damage from flooding from 1 p.m. Thursday through 1 p.m. Friday should document the damage with photos and report it in one of two ways:

  • The fastest and preferred method is through the Citizen Self Reporting Tool.
  • Email Natrona County Emergency Management directly at with a short description of the impacts on your property.

Here's an example how to file such a report:

"Contact: Jim Davis, 307-111-1111
123 Main Street, Kevin’s Gifts & Gadgets
Water coming over sidewalk curb and into building damaging drywall & carpet.
8” of standing water in the basement."

With your responses, Natrona County Emergency Management will determine the severity of the impacts. This information will be shared with the State of Wyoming to determine next steps.

While there may be a request to the state, there are no definitive guarantees that funding or other support will be appropriated or dispersed.

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