This is a photograph of the Alston children, which the Wyoming State Archives labeled "Easter?"

Starting from the left is Felix Jr., then his sister Eunice, Virginia, and Helen.

Their father Felix Sr. has been the subject of many books and stories.

In the early 1900's Felix became Warden of the State Penitentiary in Rawlins.

Records show that Felix came up with the idea to let convicts on death row -- some who had not been outside in a decade -- play baseball.

He asked his friend Joseph Carey, the then-governor of Wyoming, for permission.

Carey saw it as an opportunity to make some money and he allowed a team to be formed. They were called the Death Row All Stars.

There's a now-archived photo of the team with Felix Jr. front and center. The four-year-old was made the team mascot, sitting in the middle of murderers and rapists with a smile on his face.

Wyoming State Archives.
Wyoming State Archives.

The Wyoming Supply Company agreed to play against the convicts in the first game.

Bets were taking place all over town ahead of the big game.

If the inmates' team won, time would be shaved off their sentence. If they lost, time would be added.

Fourteen months after the team was formed they were shut down. They ended their career with four wins, zero losses.

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