In a recent episode of Report to Wyoming, I sit down with Sam Watt and Marcus Jones to discuss all-things cannabis, including the petitions they are trying to get signed that would put the decriminalization of marijuana and legalization medical marijuana in Wyoming on the 2024 ballot.

We also talk about what is currently legal in the Cowboy State--Delta 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Watt is the owner of Platte Hemp Company and PH Glass Studios, and Jones is the operations manager.

They are marijuana advocates who belong to a party of around 30 people working on the petitions.

Jones said most people he talks to are more apt to sign the petition legalizing medical marijuana, but in order to pass that bill forward, they have to also get the decriminalizing one through.

Wyoming is one of few remaining states where marijuana use and possession, besides the low-THC "Deltas" and CBD, are illegal.

"We still have a pretty big hill to climb," said Watt.

"There's not a certain number--if I said 41,000, I'd be lying to you--but knowing what Natrona County has done and certain other counties have done, we're at about 30,000 signatures, but we're still shy about 12,000 signatures, and we do have into February next year to allocate all those signatures."

"Each county has to hit a certain amount of signatures. We can't just get 41,000 signatures in Natrona County. It has to be spread out over the whole state," said Jones.

Signees must be Wyoming residents and registered to vote with a current address.

They are planning to have a table at the Snoop Dogg concert tomorrow, Dec. 21, for signing the petitions. They are hoping that this will provide an opportunity for out-of-towners to get a chance to sign if they are located in a remote area without obvious access.

You can contact Wyoming NORML to reach someone who will help you gain access to signing as well.

The petition is available in all of the Platte Hemp Shops, which are located in Casper, Gillette and Rawlins.

Once the signatures are collected, they will be turned in to the secretary of state to verify each one and their affiliated address against the most recent voter logs.

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