As we approach the spring/summer tourist season at Yellowstone National Park, it's always a good idea to review things you need to remember.

  • Don't 'wait until the next town to get gas' - if you're running low, fill up when you can.
  • Always carry a water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Sunscreen will help you from having a miserable sunburn
  • The animals are wild, they aren't put away every night
  • You're in the bison's way, they're not in yours
  • Stay 25 yards from bison, elk, deer and 100 yards from bears and wolves
  • Check your car and health insurance to make sure a headbutt from a bison is covered

The last one on the list is really important and unless you want to pay for the damage out of your pocket, make sure you're covered.

According to, you comprehensive coverage can pay for the damage caused by an unfortunate run it with a large 2000 pound Wyoming bison.

Liability only insurance, more than likely will not cover your car if you get smashed by a bison, run into a deer or a 500 pound bear decides he wants to take a bite of the great smelling cheeseburger you have in your car.

You giggle, but things happen. Sometimes you don't even have to be trying to pet the fluffy cows or get an up close and personal selfie with a bull elk.

The fact of the matter is, you could be enjoying your time, following the rules, taking in the sights, when BOOM a bison jam. Then BOOOM a bison decides to take it's frustrations out on your car.

See, it does happen.

Be safe.

Be courteous.

Be respectful.

Have fun.

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