It's always cool to see what people from other parts of the country think about life here in Wyoming. We get that chance when east coast vlogger, Post 10, drove through coal country in Northeast Wyoming.

Post 10 is a YouTube channel that's normally everything from clearing drains to trains. The host is David and he shares things he feels are interesting. By looking through his numerous videos, he has a pretty wide variety of topics he covers. The fact that he has over 635,000 subscribers, people find the videos he has interesting.

The almost 19 minute video he has on coal mining in Wyoming, is really cool to watch. It's also cool to hear how excited David is about the experience.

If you didn't know, there are lookout areas at some of the mines around Gillette, where David experienced the Wyoming mining process.

The first part of the video shows a really long coal train being loaded with good ol Wyoming coal, so it can be transported down the line.

If you've ever been driving next to a coal train, you know how long they are. They seem to go on for miles and miles.

Seeing the train waiting to be slowly loaded, it looks like a long snake wrapping around the silos.

Coal Train 2
post 10 via YouTube

Also on the video, you'll see the HUGE coal trucks that are heading into the mine empty, then coming out of the mine fully loaded.

Coal Truck 1
post 10 via YouTube

The video is really a good showing of coal mining in Wyoming, you should check it out. Then follow Post 10 via YouTube to see all of his other videos. Certainly a different take on life, that's for sure.

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