Orange barrels, orange barrels, everywhere I see

Orange barrel, orange barrels, looking back at me.

These are lyrics from a song from comedian Todd Yohn, but they're something we get used to here in Wyoming, construction zones.

When getting my Wyoming orientation a couple years ago, one of the first lessons was Wyoming's seasons. I was told there's

Winter, Deep Winter, Harsh Winter, Spring Winter, Construction Season, Blazing Hot Summer, Short Fall and Winter.

True, it's funny, but true.

We've experienced exactly what that orientation claimed was Wyoming normal, this year. Now we've reached the Construction Season part of the year.

Sure, road construction is annoying and can delay you for a bit, but in the long run it's worth it. Improvements to roads in Wyoming is good for everyone, good for your tires and vehicle and good for jobs.

One of the issues that road crews will face this year, is YOU. Yep, the people that feel the construction zone speed limits don't apply to them.

I've seen it time and time again, the speed limit begins to go down because of construction and the cars keep zipping by.

Many times, you'll see those same people on their phone, messing with the radio or doing something else to distract them from the road.

If you get busted speeding in a construction zone, you could pay big fines and if you were to hit a worker because you're speeding...that's going to be big trouble for you.

The men and women that work on the road crews have to have nerves of steel.

Remember, when you see the orange barrels, to slow down.

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