WyoLotto has been active for less than 10 years, but has made a huge impact on the states economy. Wyoming's lottery is responsible for giving back over $30.5 million to towns and counties all over the state.

There have been 16 lottery winners in Wyoming, since the beginning, that have won over $1million Dollars. In total, since 2014, Wyomingites have won over $121.5 million in lottery money prizes.

The retailers that sell winning tickets, also get money from WyoLotto. There has been over $15.5 million paid to locations where lotto winners purchased their winner.

If you're a hard working Wyomingite, why wouldn't you want a chance to hit it big? You may not have control over winning and it's all a game of luck, but when you buy tickets, you're helping Wyoming.

My Grandma is 83 years old and plays the lottery, multiple times, every week. Why? Her answer...Why not?.

If you think about how much money we spend on things like coffee, fast food and items we buy that we'll never use, spending a few dollars on lottery tickets makes sense.

Most of us have dreams of ways we'd spend the money if we won a big jackpot, houses, trucks, guns, trips, land and our futures. As a matter of fact, I've had it mapped out of what my process would be if I won for 20 years...I've never been able to act on that process, but I've got it for when I win. One of my biggest fears is winning and being on the TLC show 'The Lottery Changed My Life' as a lottery winning failure.

Honestly, that's a fear I'm willing to face if I won a big ol jackpot.

We've been seeing huge, record setting, lottery winnings the last few years. Some have skyrocket over a BILLION dollars, multiple times, including once already in 2023.

If you've wondered about how the WyoLotto came around, check out this video.

Obviously if you can't afford to play the lottery, you probably shouldn't play if you can't pay your bills. If you have a gambling problem there are helpful resources available.

National Council on Problem Gambling
24 Hour Confidential National Helpline
Call: 1-800-522-4700
Chat: ncpgambling.org/chat
Text: 1-800-522-4700

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