Parking sucks. Sometimes we can find that perfect spot, but often it is a challenge. Wyoming is the least populous state in the nation, but Casper is the second largest city. With our central location, we are the "big city" destination for rural towns. We have a Target, a Sams, and two Walmarts. We are kind of a big deal.

This story is in no way meant to disrespect any of the businesses listed here. Honestly, the more "popular" the business is, the worse the parking will be. Smith's parking lot, for example, is one of the most "hated," yet the store is revered so highly that people will deal with the chaotic inconveniences of their parking lot.

I wonder if the problem is a need for foresight. I don't think people ever believe the town will grow. It might be the hilly topography or poor geologic structure to build. Sometimes things don't flow. We never have enough room for parking. True, we don't have the problems of a big city, but parking can be a challenge.

Regardless of the lot, the winters in Wyoming play a significant factor. Parking lots become glacier ice-covered blacktops. The ice and snow cover all the lines. No one can tell where the spaces are, and you have to make your best guess. This can add to the chaos.

The constant freezing and melting cause parking lots to turn into a lunar surface. The potholes are an issue. Not only does it jar your teeth when you drive over them, but who pays for the repair can be a tricky and divisive subject.

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No disrespect to these businesses. We truly appreciate the hard work it takes to keep these parking lots functional. It is expensive and never-ending. Cheers to the hard-working folk who make it possible to park our automobile. Now to the worst lots in Casper.

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