If you want to buy a book in the Casper area, there are a couple options. Windy City Books or the Book Exchange are about the only options you have to actually walk into a building, pickup a book and buy it.

Obviously you can buy your books online, but there's just something about holding the book you're going to purchase.

On September 1 & 2 there's going to be another option for you to head into an actual building and purchase books.

Mills Book Sale

The City of Mills Library is having a book sale.

Another big thing happening in Mills is the opening of a new school.

There hasn't been a school in Mills, since Mountain View Elementary School was closed down in 2018.

When the 2023-24 school year begins on Monday August 28th, a new charter school will be opening and beginning classes.

The Wyoming Classical Academy, is a K-12 Tuition-Free Public Charter school that features:

  • Hillsdale K-12 classical curriculum
  • Traditional Environments
  • Character Development and civic responsibility
  • Literacy Essentials impacting spelling, writing and reading
  • Well ordered language & institute for excellence in writing used to impart writing
  • Singapore Math
  • Core knowledge science and history
  • Music, Art, PE, Latin and Logic
  • Wyoming content of computer science, CVE and K-2 foreign language

A definition of 'Classical Education' is given on their website:

Classical education is a long-term, three-part process of learning which begins in the child’s elementary years and is completed at the end of high school. It is commonly referred to as the trivium and takes advantage of a child’s natural stages of learning.

The school is in the old Mills School building at 2nd and Midwest in Mills.

school map
Google Maps

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