When you're on the hunt for ribs in Casper, you have a few options. Local bbq joint, like HQ BBQ and BB's Cue inside The Beacon Club, are great places to support local and get great ribs.

Casper is also home to two chain restaurants, known for ribs and steak, that have been selected in the Eat This, Not That,  Top 10 in for ribs in the country.

Sitting at #1 on the list is Texas Road House. A major player in the chain steakhouse game, since the early 1990's. You'd think with a name like Texas Roadhouse, they'd be based out of Texas, but the Indiana founded restaurant is based out of Kentucky.

They're known for great rolls when you're seated, quality steaks/ribs and a Texas/ Ranch style theme. The St. Louis style pork ribs are cooked and seasoned just right, with a nice slathering of bbq sauce. They're so confident that you'll love their ribs, they've shown us all how they make them. You can check out this YouTube video that gives you the tips.

Texas Roadhouse Ribs
Texas Roadhouse YouTube

At #3 on the list is Outback Steakhouse, where of course there's 'No Rules, Just Right'. The steakhouse with the Australian theme, that's based out of Tampa, Florida has been a staple for families since the late 1980's. Of course not only are they well respected in the steak and rib world, but the bloomin' onion has always been a top-draw.

Outback ribs

The other chains that are on the list, don't have any locations in Casper or even in Wyoming. There are quite a few that have locations in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota.


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