The time is almost here.

The time you get to vent your thoughts directly to Wyoming Game and Fish Department, during their public meetings to discuss the 2023 hunting seasons.

It's something that's happened for years, and in the last few, they haven't been nearly as attended as they have in the past. WGFD Wildlife Biologist Justin Binfet, told Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors, that the meetings have changed quite a bit since he started at the department.

when I started 20 years ago doing this, you know, public meetings used to be a bigger much deal. We used to have higher turn out, that's the way local folks knew how to come get their information. Over time it seems like public attendance has waned and we've tried to evolve how we present our information in this digital age to the public.

Even though WGFD offers an online version of the meeting, offering public meetings is one way they collect information from the hunters that are on the ground. Having that face-to-face time is important for great hunter/WGFD relations.

The Casper region will be holding 5 meetings beginning March 20th, in different locations across the region.

Monday March 20th, the first meeting will be in Sundance in the basement of the Crook County Court House - 4pm

Casper Region - 1
Sundance - Google Maps

Monday March 20th, Newcastle at the Weston County library meeting room - 7pm

Casper Region - 2
Newcastle - Google Maps

Tuesday March 21st, Lusk at the Nirobrara County Fairgrounds shooting sports building - 6pm

Casper Region - 3
Lusk - Google Maps

Wednesday March 22nd, Douglas at the Converse County library meeting room - 6pm

Casper Region - 4
Douglas - Google Maps

Thursday March 23rd, in Casper at the WGFD Casper Region office - 6pm

Casper Region - 5
Casper - Google Maps

Information collected from the public meetings are set a little under a month before the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's commission will set the 2023 hunting seasons,  April 17-18.

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