If you've ever driven on U.S. Highway 14 in Wyoming between Greybull and Cody, you've seen the McCullough Peaks and most likely noticed a pull off about 28 miles away from Cody.

This is the F.O.A.L. Wild Horse Interpretive Trail.

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The Friends Of A Legacy non-profit group has been around since 2005 and their goal is to preserve and protect the wild horses of McCullough Peaks.

The goals of the group are to:

  • Educate about the horses and their habitat
  • Enhance the habitat, that doesn't just benefit the horses, but all animals.
  • Work with Bureau of Land Management
  • Ensure a long-term plan for the group
Drew Kirby, TSM

If you haven't made the stop, it's really a cool opportunity to see wild horses in their environment and learn all about them. Every time I've made the trip to Cody, I've been able to stop and see some of the impressive horses as they live life in the wild.

Drew Kirby, TSM
Drew Kirby, TSM

F.O.A.L. does fundraising events to help raise money to be able to continue funding projects that keeping up the area where the horses roam, work with the Bureau of Land Management on habitat programs and even an equine birth control program.

Drew Kirby, TSM
Drew Kirby, TSM

Their main fundraising project every year is the Mustang Rendezvous, which happens to be coming up on September 16th in Cody.

The 8th annual event will offer dinner, drinks, live/silent auction and a great time to learn about the mustangs of McCullough Peaks, while making money to keep the operation of the group funded.

Check out this video that shows in detail what the group is all about.

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