Dear local thieves,

I hesitated writing this letter to you all, because I didn't want to be petty. Also, I wasn't for sure if it was just Mother Nature having a little fun with me. But upon further observation (and conversations with other local victims), there appears to be one or two, or possibly even a host of local snow shovel bandits.

Let me begin by saying, I have no problem sharing. If you needed it more than I did, I really would have had no problem giving it to you (I'm going to use "you", vice "they/them", because for the purpose of this letter, I don't think my pronoun game has to be 100% on point). I am all about helping those less fortunate. But stealing from me is unforgiveable. I, much like your other victims, work for everything we own and don't understand why you can't do the same.

I also want to specify that it has nothing to do with the cost. A new snow shovel is fairly easy to replace at Walmart, Home Depot or Menards, for less than $30.00. Again, not the point. I don't like being stolen from.

Now I also know I could have or maybe should have put it back inside my place after usage, but I don't subscribe to that. It's my place and my stuff, ergo don't touch it. Maybe it's because I remember a time when you didn't have to lock your car doors or homes, and you didn't have to worry about people stealing your belongings. Apparently times have changed... and not for the better.

The point of the matter is, we're on to you and now we're on the lookout as a community. Keep it up and you will get caught.


Your friendly neighborhood radio disc jockey.

*P.S.- It's not too late to do the right thing and put it back.* 

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