You can thank the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), for making a lot of comic book characters, not only household names, but world famous, big than life personas.

As pretty much a life-long comic book fan, but an 80's baby, my era didn't have as many superhero movies or televisions to watch. As matter of fact, before 1989 Michael Keaton Batman, all we had was four Christopher Reeve-led Superman films, and three television series:

While all were great in their own way, it wasn't until the late 1990s, after the success of Blade, that superhero films started making a comeback.

Now they're everywhere... and I couldn't be happier about it.

Maybe because of their success, there are more costume heroes running around the real world. One such masked crusader calls Wyoming home, and his name is UW Spiderman!

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UW Spiderman can be spotted at University of Wyoming games and functions, but he also has his own social media page. You can follow his Instagram page here. UW Spidey has only been on IG since August 2023, but he's already making waves (webs?).

Not only does he look cool (which he really, REALLY does), but he can often be spotted hanging out with Pistol Pete at events and games.

Although I have yet to uncover his secret identity, I know I'll sleep better at night knowing he's keeping the streets of Laramie safe. After all, he's your friendly neighborhood UW Spiderman.

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