Dear Whoever Found/Returned My Snow Shovel,

Let me begin by saying thank you. I can not say one hundred percent what happened to it. I do not know if it was stolen or if it simply blew away. Both hypothesis hold some level of merit, but I will be honest, I don't care either way. I'm just glad to have my shovel back.

I know I said in my initial letter, "we the people" are looking for you, but if this was just an act of kindness on the part of a local Good Samaritan, that just happened to find mine after the snow melted, kudos to you kind sir or ma'am.

However, if there are indeed snow shovel bandits roaming the streets of Casper and the surrounding areas, folks are watching now. Let it be known.

Anyway, all is well that ends well, and I am slightly relieved to know that one of my neighbors isn't a super villain in the making.

Also, Mother Nature, if this was your doing, making me lose faith in my fellow Wyomingites, that was a very cruel joke to play on me. For the longest time, I have been boasting to my out-of-state friends and family how awesome, safe and neighborly everyone is here in the Cowboy State. Please don't play with my emotions like that in the future.


Your friendly neighborhood radio disc jockey

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