It is almost that time of year again where the Casper skyline will be filled with the astonishing colors of a myriad of hot air balloons.

The annual Casper Balloon Roundup returns for three days, beginning on Friday, July 12th, 2024, at Mike Sedar Park (781 College Drive). This is a free, family-friendly event. Spectators are encouraged to bring chairs and/or blankets.

The official Casper Balloon Roundup Facebook event page states:

The Casper Balloon Roundup is Central Wyoming's free hot-air ballooning event. During three days in early-July, you can look up into the Casper skies and see a rainbow of hot air balloons soaring.
​Taking place in the heart of Wyoming, this event enchants both young and old with its vibrant colors and community entertainment.


Friday - July 12th
5:30 a.m. Mass Launch
Saturday - July 13th
5:30 a.m. Mass Launch
* Kid's Day! *
Family friendly activities following the mass launch
Sunday - July 14th
5:30 a.m. Mass Launch

For more information about the Casper Balloon Roundup, including even more schedule details and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

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This event is always a wondrous for all ages. You do not want to miss out.

Casper Balloon Roundup. Casper, Wyo., 7/28/23

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