Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson says he's working on a resolution that would ask Wyoming lawmakers to consider allowing sales of beverages of up to five percent in Wyoming grocery and convenience stores.

While liquor laws vary widely across the country and sometimes even within different cities or counties within a state, it's a safe statement that such laws are commonplace across the country.

Johnson says local retail liquor licenses have been approved at two such stores, Maverick on Yellowstone and Big  D on North Greeley Highway. He says he ''believes that uniformity is needed in the state so residents can have more convenience to nearby convenience stores or while grocery shopping.''

Of course, anytime you consider loosening up Wyoming's liquor laws, that is likely to generate some opposition. Some fear that making alcoholic beverages more accessible makes the potential for abuse greater.

Some might also argue that Johnson's proposal is an end run-around the advantages held by those who hold liquor licenses under Wyoming's limited allocation system for the licenses. They paid for the licenses. Is it fair to suddenly let just anyone sell some of the products covered by the coveted licenses?

To be clear, Johnson is not asking for a local law in Cheyenne. Such a measure would have to be approved statewide by the legislature, which convenes on February 12 in Cheyenne. His resolution would ask the legislature to consider doing so.

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