The oil and gas rigs are not as busy as they used to be. There are not so many cars on the highway as there were just a little over a month ago.

The air is not so full of fumes, the rivers and lakes are more crisp and clear than they have been in years.

In some places animals have begun to wander right into the middle of towns. They're probably wondering where all the humans have gone.

The absence of humans has actually caused a bit of a surge in nature's populations.

Around Douglas Wyoming, folks have seen more baby jackalopes than ever before.

"Not surprising they populate like rabbits," said Willson Jeeter of Douglas. "Give them buggers just a few weeks alone - and - well.. population boom."

But as usual, no one believes Jeeter.

Before, there were not enough jackalopes for him to prove to people that they are real. But now that they are everywhere there is no one around to see them.

True story - I swear.

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