Is there no safe place to go jogging?

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If anything, we have to admit that this is a new one. I've seen joggers and even hikers turn a corner and run into each other. There are plenty of cases of animals running out in front of cars. I'm sure you have even turned a corner at home or at work and run smack into someone.

How many people can say they ran head-on into a grizzly?

The Park Service explains that that a jogger was not alone, she was with two others on the Huckleberry Lookout Trail. It's a good idea to run with partners. Even a sprained ankle can be a problem when alone.

Here is where the story gets real good. Not only did she run into the bear, but they bounced off of each other and went tumbling down a hill.

“Once separated, the bear ran off,” the Park Service said.

That's a story she'll be telling the rest of her life. I'm sure the bear will be too.

At least we can say, this time, that the lady was not trying to get a selfie with the bear. Though I bet she is a little disappointed that no one got a picture or video of her head-on collision.

As for the woman, she is fine. She was treated for minor injuries due to her tumble down the hill. She was then released and went back to join her friends. I'll give you 2 guesses as to what they talked about all the way home.

The only downside to this story is, as always, this poor woman's friends, family and coworkers who will have to hear the story over and over again as long as she is alive.

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