The former quarterback for the University of Wyoming who was an absolute phenom in college and has now become a superstar QB for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL has one of the top-selling football cards out there right now, and his highest selling card to date. It's pretty pricey too!

Josh Allen finished third in MVP voting in the 2020 season and then had a very stellar 2021, which only increased the value of his football trading cards, especially after what he did in the postseason, despite only getting to play two playoff games.

Allen's 2018 Panini Prizm Gold Vinyl rookie card sold for $264,000. In 2020, that same football card was sold on that same PWCC platform for $7,000. That's quite the increase in value.

According to PWCC, there was also a 2018 National Treasures Red Josh Allen Rookie Patch Autographed, 1-of-1 card, which sold $240,000. The Bills quarterback has some football cards that are definitely selling for a pretty penny.

Only Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes had cards that sold for more in the past month. There's a Brady card that sold for $1.29 million while a couple of Mahomes sold for $630,000 and $576,000.

The partnership manager for PWCC, Justin Wickizer, had this say about the future of Josh Allen football cards:

I think that Josh Allen is part of this new crop of young guns in the NFL...It’s really this transition phase where quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady – who I call the “all-time greats” -are starting to transition to the twilight of their careers...If you’re looking for an investment for an asset, Josh Allen might be the guy you might want to take a look at.

That's pretty high praise, Wyoming Bills Mafia, so hang tight. And if you're someone who happens to have a Josh Allen football card, you may want to hold onto it. Maybe if you sell it one day, you can purchase a really nice house or maybe a Lamborghini.

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