The worst "study" site on the internet, Wallet Hub, has rehashed and released an old failed study that, like all the others they have released, is full of problems.

WalletHub lists "2022’s Best & Worst States for Women’s Equality", where they ranked Wyoming, the Equality State, as low as 33rd. That's even a worse score than the last time they released this, ranking Wyoming at 26.

Even more disturbing, they place Cowboy State dead last (50th place), for the largest income gap between men and women. We also didn't score well for the longest work hours gap (46th), although that particular statistic swung in favor of women.

The major problem here is that the "Gender Wage Gap" is a myth. The video below will show why.

The original wage gap study was a poor one to begin with, yet it is still quoted to this day. They took wages across America, then looked to see who was earning what. Men earned more than women. Therefore the researchers assumed discrimination.

But they did not include any variables. 

People move up the ladder at the workplace and make the wages they earn based on workplace decisions and life decisions.

Men often work harder and more dangerous jobs because they pay more. Men usually work jobs that take long hours, nights, weekends, and time away from the family. That moves them up and earns them raises and bonuses.

Women usually choose professions that pay less. They find it more important to take care of family than to move up the cooperation ladder.


The people at Walled Hub often just google a few things and call it good. They never ask critical questions or call upon opposition research.

In the video above you'll see that the so-called gender wage gap issue and the glass ceiling for women were resolved a long time ago.

Wallet-Hub has a long history of poorly done studies done by people who never leave their office cubical to investigate in person.


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