Put yourself in my position -

Kanye West announces he is dropping his bid for President Of The United States.

On the phone is Liz Cheney.

Honestly, if you were in my position as host of a radio show that covers most of Wyoming on several stations, what would you do?

What else, I acted as if Liz was on the phone to react to this breaking news. That was not why she was on the phone. But Liz Cheney has enough media experience to come up with a quick and funny answer.

"I was hopping to be his VP!" she laughed. Listen to what she said in the audio clip at the top of this story.

Some will say that we never could take Kanye's bid for president seriously. Some will say that we can't take Liz Cheney's reaction seriously.

I choose to take them both seriously because 2020 sucks and I need this sort of insanity to make in through.

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