Kanye West had been fairly quiet on social media, until he began teasing a release date for his long awaited album, DONDA, around the third week of July. After his initial release date of July 23rd, 2021, came and went, the release changed and he has since been hard at work, putting the finishing touches on the star-studded project.

In addition to his listening parties (a private version in Las Vegas and the major one in Atlanta), plus several video snippets that have leaked online over the past week and a half, he has also released an interesting, but slightly chilling, animated video, which highlights his different album covers, his mascot and iconic outfits from concerts that he's worn through the years.

One of those scenes in the video is a view of the Teton Range, just outside Jackson Hole, taken from the window of Kanye's private jet, which he used for the cover of his eighth studio album, titled simply: Ye (it's the ninth scene in the footage).

While it is definitely a cool (maybe even genius) concept, the execution of the animation does give the video an eerie feel. West caption the video with one fitting word:


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Yeezus has left the sanctuary of his Cody, Wyoming, ranch and taken up a temporary residence in Atlanta (where he was actually born, although he was raised in Chicago), inside one of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium locker rooms. He's also turned an area into a makeshift studio, where he's currently putting the finishing touches on DONDA, his tenth studio album, which is set to be released this Thursday (August 5th, 2021).

In another recent Instagram video Ye posted yesterday (Monday, August 2nd, 2021), it shows his apparent free reign of the stadium's facilities. He added text to thevideo which read:

Morning stroll... Is gonna be Magical

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