Is Kanye West just trolling the entire planet? Even he has started asking: "Where is Donda?".

For the last thirty days, Ye has been teasing the release of his tenth, solo studio album titled DONDA, which is his late mother's first name, but we still haven't seen it. Yeezy has already had three different listening parties (a private event in Las Vegas and two different one at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta), as well as changing the release date numerous times.

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One thing is for sure though, he hasn't stopped the press run for the long awaited album. He's been steadily releasing teaser videos. At the beginning of the month, he released an animated video of a cartoon version of himself walking in front of each of his album covers, including Ye, which was a photo of the Teton Range outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Now, Kanye has released a new animated video to his official Instagram account (Jesus Is King), which appears to take place on his Cody, Wyoming property, West Lake Ranch. The video ends with a cloud that reads:

Where is Donda?

Keen-eyed viewers have already noticed his tank-like, amphibious vehicles and the mountain terrain from his Cody home, both of which were featured heavily in his November 2019 music video for "Closed on Sunday" (shown below).

For all the money Mr. West has spent on promotion alone, you would think the album has to be coming soon, but only time will tell.

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