Kevin Costner is now hosting more than one Yellowstone TV show.

“Yellowstone One-Fifty,” is a four-part series that will be told from the historical perspective of the 1871 expedition led by geologist Ferdinand V. Hayden.

Hayden's group included a topographer, meteorologist, zoologist, botanist, photographer, and artist.

The work they did gave the world the first photographs, paintings, and scientific reports of an area that some people thought was too fantastic to believe when stories of the region first came out.

One year later President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act.

It has been 150 years since that act was signed into law.


Costner noted that the first white explorers to the Yellowstone area wanted to know what they could take from the land.

Today, people are more concerned with how to preserve it.

The producer originally pitched to a different network. They declined. Fox Nation thought it was a great idea.

These episodes were recorded with Costner in the spring of 2022.

Then came the flood that shut down much of the park for the entire summer.

Still, Costner and the crew worked long days. Sometimes up to 18 hours in a single day before getting a little sleep, then doing it again.

You can watch the trailer here:

Find out more about the series at the show's website here.

The series beings November 20th exclusively on Fox Nation.

Academy Award winner Kevin Costner is bringing Yellowstone National Park right to your living room! In this original 4-part series, Costner highlights the park's breathtaking beauty & reveals how this wonder was almost lost. (Fox Nation).

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