The 2021 Fireworks Safe Shoot Site is located at 2275 W. College Drive, not 3115 W. College Drive.

Because of insurance reasons, Ben Laws with Pyro City Fireworks says only fireworks purchased through them, Black Cat Fireworks Outlet, Phantom Fireworks and USA Fireworks may be shot at the site.

"It's not entirely open to the public," said Laws. "If they buy their fireworks at one of the other stores that's not doing this shoot site, then their fireworks will not be allowed."

Laws says shooters must be over 18 and have a permit.

"All the participating stores have them (permits) at the checkouts, so they just need to ask for those wherever they're checking out," he said.


Those looking for a legal place to set off their fireworks can head to the Fireworks Safe Shoot Site at 2275 3115 W. College Drive July 1-4.

"You will be permitted to discharge fireworks at that location between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight," the Laramie County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.

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Even though fireworks are readily available, everything except sparklers, smoke devices and novelties are illegal within the city limits of Cheyenne.

Police say you could receive a $225 fine if you're caught setting off anything that goes into the air or explodes.

Fireworks That are Legal and Illegal in Cheyenne

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