A couple of Cheyenne-area residents have addressed a letter to the Laramie County School District #1 Board of Trustees asking for an immediate face mask mandate in local schools

Wendy Volk and Todd Dereemer have addressed the following letter, according to a post on Volk's Facebook page:

"Dear Laramie County School District 1 Board of Trustees,
We are writing to request you please impose an indoor mask mandate immediately. We are very concerned about the current surge in Delta variant cases and the increase of Delta-plus variants, which appear to be more robust than the Delta variant. In neighboring states, the Delta-plus variant of concern makes up ~40% of new cases.
We applaud the recent decision by the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees for keeping our community safe by imposing an indoor mask mandate. We hope we see more businesses and our government agencies doing the same.
This week was in-person student registration at the Cheyenne schools. While we were waiting in the registration line, there were a few students and family members wearing masks. We overheard students giving another student a hard time for wearing a mask in the school building. This is unacceptable and very discouraging. Our schools and classrooms need to be safe for our students, teachers and faculty. We must be proactive. We must put safety first.
It is essential for our schools maintain a healthy and safe campus environment. As parents, we place a tremendous amount of trust in our school district board of trustees, principals, teachers and staff. It is imperative to be extra "COVID-19 careful" and take every precaution to keep our schools and businesses open.
We are very concerned about the future impact of this ongoing pandemic, and urge you to make the necessary decisions to support the health of others, including getting vaccinated and wearing a mask. We also ask that all our community members support one another and promote a culture of respect.
It’s time to mask up and help prevent major COVID-19 outbreaks and disrupted learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Respectfully submitted,
Wendy Volk and Todd Dereemer''

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