I firmly believe that Laramie has both the cutest and sweetest shop in all of Wyoming, thanks to the Sugar Mouse Cupcake House and Tea Shoppe.

Why do I believe they're the sweetest shop around? First off, their cupcakes are to die for (seriously, have you tried the Nutella-flavored one? Yuuuum.)

Secondly, the building looks like it comes out of a Victorian-era storybook or Alice in Wonderland. I adore the giant clock outside the building and the displays of adorable cupcakes in the windows.

Finally, they have a flavor to suit any craving, and each one is delicious. You'll find everything from triple chocolatey goodness to strawberry-inspired flavors on their shelves. It's the perfect mix of whimsy, nostalgia, and sugar.

So naturally, whenever The Sugar Mouse announces a new flavor or menu item, I'm instantly interested. And today, I have some exciting news for all the cupcake lovers and sweet-toothed Laradise folks out there - the Sugar Mouse announced on their social media they have a brand new menu item.

The Sugar Mouse has officially welcomed to their menu The Dirty Soda.

The Sugar Mouse's Dirty Sodas

Okay, I know, you're probably going, "What in the world is a Dirty Soda?" I didn't know about them either, but they sound phenomenal. Dirty Sodas from the Sugar Mouse are a perfect concoction of Coke, cream, and flavored syrup. Doesn't that sound refreshing?

I think the Dirty Soda is the perfect addition to the nostalgic air of The Sugar Mouse. It reminds me of the soda fountains my grandpa likes to tell me about.

So, the next time you're in the mood for cupcakes, you can now go for an ice-cold Dirty Soda while you're at it.


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Sugar Mouse in Laramie is the cutest shop in Wyoming

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