Yellowstone's bison are doing it again. I think they get a real laugh out of it.

About a year ago we reported on a bison trapping a man inside an outhouse in Yellowstone.

One year later, the beginning of tourist season, and here we go again.

I wonder if it's the same bison and this is his favorite prank.

It was reported that this man had used a public outhouse in Yellowstone, but then could not leave because a HUGE bison had wandered over and was standing right by the door.

The man inside was afraid to leave.

attachment-Trapped in outhouse bison cowboy state daily

Is the bison some kind of weirdo stalker looking to "hook up" with an out-of-stater?

No, honestly, he was just tired of "unloading" out in public where everybody could watch him.

We spoke with the bison in question and it turns out he just wanted to try the human crapper for once.

"Every time I take poop I hear some humans yelling, EWWW! It's just annoying. Then there are all those flies following my stinky butt around the rest of the day.


But your human, um, inside hole things, why they provide privacy and there is paper to clean with. IT'S WONDERFUL!"

But because the human inside misunderstood what was going on he stayed inside the outhouse, afraid to leave.

"I was crossing my hooves out there. I really had to go."

attachment-Bison punt count

I asked if he understood why the human was afraid.

"OH YEAH, I get it. Plenty of tourists have been punted a few yards when they get too close to bison like me. But if I had left I would have lost my place in line."

So if you see a Yellowstone bison coming out of a public outhouse, don't be so shocked.

And you might want to wait a few minutes before you go in there. I'm sure that can't smell good.

NOTE: While bison have trapped people in Yellowstone's outhouses, for real, this article is mostly SATIRE!

I have to say that because there is always that one person out there who just never gets it.

Then they complain, and we laugh at them.

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