Due to the number of COVID-19 situations in Laramie County, students and staff in District 2 are now being required to wear masks throughout the day.

"I realize that this is not the news people want," LCSD2 Superintendent Jon Abrams told parents and staff during a call late Thursday afternoon.

The call came just hours after Abrams announced that two elementary school staff members, one at Carpenter and one at Pine Bluffs, had tested positive for the virus and that 83 students had been quarantined.

"This (mask requirement) includes all grade levels," said Abrams. "It will also extend to volleyball and any indoor activities that are taking place."

Abrams is also reminding people to be careful and practice social distancing at football games.

"I realize that this is difficult," said Abrams. "We will be putting protocols in place to make it as comfortable as we can for students and we look forward to the day when we no longer have to do this."


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