Wyoming has an impressive history in aviation that many in the state, and around the country, do not know about.

From an important bomber training base near Casper Wyoming, to Jim Good who earned an impressive pile of trophies in national airplane races (airplane racing is just like NASCAR, but in the sky).

The museum was founded by the late Jim Good, in the historic "Hangar 1" at the Casper Wyoming's International Airport. This is the site of the former Casper Army Air Base. The museum houses a collection from Good Racing and displays of military aviation memorabilia.

For over a month now, artist and photographer Tim Mandese has been working with Natrona County's Good Aviation Veterans Museum to upgrade their website, introduce a YouTube page with video tours, and upgrade their social media status.

That work is now done and you can visit the site at this link.

Special thanks also goes to retired USAF General James A. Jaeger who spoke with me about the importance of  passing along a love of aviation to our youth, through the Civil Air Patrol. The General also discusses how the Civil Air Patrol led to his career in the military.

Thanks also goes to Wyoming State Rep Joe McGuire. Joe recounts the early days of the famous "Hangar One" at  the Casper Army Air Base. Joe tells of growing up and playing in and around the hangar.

The museum works to keep alive the history of civil and military aviation in Casper Wyoming, with the preservation of past artifacts, while promoting aviation to future generations through community outreach.

You can visit the museum in person and see, among other items, two old Russian Migs and an Army Air Corps trainer.

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