Wyoming ranks 48th in America for breast cancer screening.

But, what exactly does this mean?

Breast cancer screening (usually a mammogram) is the best method to detect breast cancer early.

Ranking 48/50 means that we are among the WORST in the US for women going and getting screened for breast cancer.

OK, so why is that important?

When breast cancer is discovered in the earlier stages there is a higher survival rate. Statistically, if breast cancer is discovered early, the survival rate is 90% higher in the first 5 years. When discovered early, there are generally many more treatment options available. For example, a lumpectomy and radiation instead of a mastectomy, radiation, and chemo.

Wyoming women and men are dying, families are needlessly suffering.

Wyoming, we can do better than this.

We HAVE to do better than this.

Wyoming is different than the rest of America.

Which is what we love so much about it.

Yet, it is these very things that we love, that have become obstacles to women receiving the care they need to detect breast cancer early.

Our rural towns don’t have the medical tools necessary for mammograms. Taking off work to travel several hours for doctors appointments is costly, time-consuming and, let’s be honest…a big pain!

Wyoming women are known for their grit and grace. It’s this very same attitude that keeps Wyoming women from going in and getting a lump checked out. That fierce Wyoming independence is what keeps Wyoming women, wives and mothers from asking for help so they can put their health first.

There is a solution, there are people ready and willing to help Wyoming women.

I’d like to introduce you to The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative (WBCI).

The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative was established in 2016 under the fiscal sponsorship of the Wyoming Community Foundation when there was a need for a statewide breast health organization. They received 501(c)3 status in 2019.

The WBCI aims to raise awareness and fund breast cancer programs in Wyoming with an emphasis on increasing breast health education, financially assisting breast cancer screenings, facilitating patient navigation and promoting survivor services.

Money raised through fundraising efforts across the state remains in Wyoming to grant into eligible programs and help Wyomingites.

WBCI's new 365 Campaign allows participants to donate a dollar a day for a year.

WBCI is seeking 365 new donors to commit to a donation of $1 a day for 365 days in order to maintain WBCI’s current state of growth and continue saving the lives of Wyoming men and women.  This will allow us to change the future for Wyoming women, men, and their families through WBCI community grants and vouchers.

Currently, 22 people are signed up for this campaign, and our goal is to help them reach their goal of 365 donors before 2020.

You can safely sign up to make a payment monthly, quarterly, or just one simple donation of $365.00 through this link.

When you make a donation you have a choice to honor a loved one on the 365 campaign web page.

Barbra Redder (breast cancer survivor, Casperite, and WBCI board member) told us why the success of the 365 Campaign is so important to her.

On average, every single day a Wyoming resident is diagnosed with breast cancer and the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative is working hard to increase awareness, to fund early detection and to support treatment navigation. We want Wyoming residents to know there are resources to help them and that they don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Being a member of WBCI 365 is an easy way to support WBCI and all the good it does throughout the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming we can do better, and you can become a part of Wyoming's fight against breast cancer by participating in WBCI's 365 campaign.

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